Crazy Slime is fun and entertaining and comes in a variety of colors, textures and special options like Floam, Butter, and Metalic. We even have special clear slime. Our slime is homemade in the USA by middle school girls who love making slime and want to share their creations with you. All orders are shipped by USPS and come in their own plastic container. Shipping is $7.15 flat fee per slime item to anywhere in the USA. We do not ship outside the USA.


Our regular slime in Purple


Our regular slime in Pink


Our regular slime in Orange



Our regular slime in Green


Our regular slime in Blue


Our Special “Clear” slime


Yellow Butter

Our Special extra thick Butter slime in Yellow

Purple Floam

Our Special Floam slime in Purple

Metalic Gold

Our Special Gold Metalic slime